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Free Self-Help Videos for PTSD

In 2007, while clawing my way out of a deep depression, I combined several forms of trauma therapy into a practical self-healing protocol I called “emotional tuning”.

Over the next eight years, while attending the annual “Experiential Gathering of Healing Facilitators” in San Miguel De Allende Mexico, I documented my healing progress and demonstrated the techniques in a series of practical PTSD self-help videos.

Being unsure that emotional tuning would work for others as well as it had for me, I initially shared my discovery with only a few colleagues and clients. However, after retiring as a psychotherapist and getting consistent positive feedback on the videos I decided to make them available to the public, free of charge.

Free Self-help videos

In recent years this web site has been attracting 60,000 to 70,000 anonymous visitors annually. I assume that many of these visitors are soldiers, police, fire fighters, paramedics and others who either question the effectiveness of talk therapy or whose organizations stigmatize mental illness.

For more information, view Video 0, “Introduction to Emotional Tuning” below, or click to view ABOUT EMOTIONAL TUNING