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1. Relaxing PTSD


There is nothing very peaceful about irritability, anxiety or hyper-vigilance, so our first video is designed to help us relax with these post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.
We learn how to create a peaceful, multi-sensory, emotional anchor, by associating a calm state of being with several unfamiliar sights, sounds, breathing, arm movements and tapping gestures.

Afterwards, by deploying this anchor, we can relax ourselves before attempting to resolve the more difficult problems associated with PTSD.


Humming BirdIn Video 1, we recommend establishing the positive visual anchor of a humming bird feeding at a blue flower.

Humming birds, which are found only in the western hemisphere are usually thought to be attracted to red flowers.

For most people, they are small, harmless creatures, and in Native American mythology they are often associated with joyful messages and healing.

Since the qualities of this visual anchor will be unfamiliar to most people, it is unlikely to be associated in any way to traumatic memories.


Emotional Tuning Hum 1For an auditory anchor, we recommend the slow humming of simple, unfamiliar tune in the key of C Major to help extend the length of our exhalations.

Slow, deep exhalations encourage a “parasympathetic,” relaxing response in the nervous system, slowing the heart rate and improving digestion.

This opposes our usual “sympathetic,” anxious response to real or imagined threats, when our hearts race, our guts churn, and our breathing becomes rapid and shallow.

The unfamiliar arm movements also help to completely exhaust stale air from the lungs, increase the supply of oxygen and decrease feelings of anxiety.


Before proceeding with the next steps in our self-healing, it is important to strengthen our peaceful multi-sensory anchor by associating it with a memory that consistently leaves us relaxed and contented.

This association can be created by recalling such a memory immediately before and after we follow the instructions in Video 1- “Calming Breath”.

The anchor can also be strengthened by applying a relaxing fragrance under our nostrils, while practicing our calming breath routine.


Once you have become proficient in practicing the protocols in Video 1, click here for 2) BLOCKING PTSD