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Frank’s videos have been really effective to relax myself mentally and physically. Some of the practices are now tools in my daily life.
They are making things easier for me, helping me to find great relief from emotional stress, and they give me reassurance in my journey for liberation.

I am deeply grateful to him.


ledgeofquetzalcover“Like nearly every writer, I sometimes get writer’s block. I try to deny it as much as possible – not allow it to “settle in” – but now and then I get stuck and it stays for a while. During one such bout I ran across Frank Pasquill’s Emotional Tuning. It made a great deal of sense to me. I’d seen EMDR work on my wife, and I’m a believer in energy centers. I’m also deep into meditation, so I’m very attuned to the messages of my body and my mind.

I’d been in a writing rut for nearly a month, so I tried Emotional Tuning, humming, tapping, being fully aware and centered. Nothing happened that day; but the next morning it was like being shot from a cannon. I finished the second draft of my book in 6 weeks, and haven’t really slowed down since.”

Jock Whitehouse, author, The Ledge of Quetzal – Beyond 2012.

I used your method and had an incredible experience, and sure enough, the first time I got a huge surge of anxiety and my torso felt like I had just gotten in a car crash– then I had strange dreams for a while. I hadn’t had anxiety like that in years so it was alarming.

I always believed something bad happened to me when I was in the hospital and I almost died from an intestinal illness and dehydration as a 14 month old child and whatever it was, it left me with PTSD.

But just like a divine gift, working your method has done something to release or open a door for healing for me, thank you so very kindly Frank.

Excerpt from Testimonial of JY

“I have been diagnosed with addiction and mild PTSD.

I had a traumatic childhood, followed by a traumatic marriage, both lasting 17 years. The parallels between the two relationships was unbelievable.

I have smoked pot and drank beer daily since I was 21. I am now 44. I have a ten year old son I almost lost during my divorce due to custody issues.

Last July, my lover of three years committed suicide. K was a daily companion of mine and he told me he wanted to kill himself many times, and I wasn’t listening.

Around the same time my dad hung up a hummingbird feeder just outside my back door on the patio where I sit every morning. Since then multiple hummingbirds feed daily at my feeder.

I watched you tapes this morning, I was overwhelmed by the stories about the hummingbirds from the Native American stories. Particularly the first story it reminded me so much of K.

I did practice with your tapes this morning. It was a very intense experience.”

Excerpt from testimonial of KD

popeye-yam-spinLooking back over my 67 years, I guess I’ve had problems with controlling anger for most of them, although I’d never really faced up to that fact until the day, last Christmas season, when my wife of 22 years told me to either get professional help or get used to living alone.

Through my counselor, Frank Pasquill, I learned how to use such techniques as the yoga calming breath and the stimulation of my body’s energy meridians to revisit those memories and not only control the angry feelings they evoked but also to dissipate those feelings entirely. It was a wonderfully freeing feeling.

I didn’t think people really changed unless circumstances forced them into it — “I yam what I yam”, as Popeye used to say, and if people don’t like my behaviour, that’s their problem.

If asked the same question today, I would reply: “You can change your life by changing the way you see your world and the people around you. I know because I have done so.”

Abbreviated from Testimonial of NL-Toronto, Canada

To learn how an Iraq war veteran, tsunami survivors and victims of domestic violence were all helped with emotional tuning protocols, click here to read a Case Study.

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